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Alpha Supps Alpha Cuts

Alpha Supps Alpha Cuts

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Synephrine HCL:
Synephrine has studies showing it’s positive impact on fat burning and weight loss. Synephrine helps increase the body’s metabolic rate and increases lipolysis (fat breakdown). It also functions as an alpha-androgenic antagonist. Synephrine works with receptors located in the fat tissue that help enhance the lipolysis within the tissue and with receptors that increase thermogenesis of muscle, which also results in weight loss.*

Paradoxine® is a non-stimulant, mild herbal, weight-loss ingredient that can trigger and boost thermogenesis within the body.*

PROGBB – Super Carnitine from SYNMR:
Trademarked ingredient by SYNMR Biotechnologies
Boosts Carnitine Levels 2 TIMES OVER!*
Increased Cognitive Focus*
Sweat Amplification*

5 HTP:
5 HTP is an amino acid that your body naturally produces, and 5 HTP produces serotonin. Low serotonin levels are associated with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, weight gain, and
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