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Cerebus Weightlifting belt

Cerebus Weightlifting belt

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The Cerberus 10mm Single Prong Belt has been made to the highest standard, with durability and quality in mind. It is 10cm wide and 10mm thick with 6 rows of high strength nylon stitching. We have only used quality leather with a soft non-slip finish and the embroidered logos add to the premium image. This belt has a pre “broken in” feel that makes it quicker to form around your waist, but remains rigid and very supportive - so you can be assured the belt will fit great and feel awesome!

This belt has a high quality matte black single prong buckle. Single prong is the most popular buckle and has long been a favourite amongst experienced lifters. It can be released quicker and easier than a double prong belt. The belt can be easily adjusted to your desired tightness for any given exercise e.g. most lifters like different levels of support for squats and deadlifts. Also various Strongman events most definitely require different levels of belt tightness.

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