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Nutrabio Zinc Gluconate

Nutrabio Zinc Gluconate

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Zinc is an essential trace mineral present in every organ, tissue and fluid in the body, with 90% found in skeletal muscle and bone. Zinc plays an important part in a number of basic functions, including DNA and protein synthesis, energy metabolism, hormone-level maintenance and regulation of appetite, taste, smell and stress levels. More than 300 enzymes require zinc for proper functioning. Zinc plays an important role in many enzymatic functions in the body. Found primarily in the kidneys, liver, pancreas, and brain, Zinc also helps support healthy immune system functions and is an important component of bodily antioxidant systems. Individuals who are zinc deficient tend to have weaker immune functioning. Supplementing with zinc may help enhance immune activity and protect good health during seasons or times in which proper immune function is most important. Zinc supplements are also commonly used to support skin, vision, blood sugar and bone health, and mood fluctuations that occur with women's monthly cycles.

Zinc deficiency can occur when zinc intake is insufficient or when certain health issues, including liver and pancreatic complications, poor blood sugar health and excess alcohol consumption, trigger increased loss from the body. Zinc also has antioxidant properties, meaning it may help protect healthy cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. It's also essential for the growth and development of the reproductive system in both men and women, and for the regulation of cell production within the immune system.

Zinc is used by almost all our cells. In particular, our bones, the prostate gland and our eyes. It works with our enzymes in our eyes, liver, kidneys, muscles, skin, and testes. Zinc is essential for normal pregnancies and our growth. Zinc speeds up the process of wound healing, and can help prevent scars. It helps the body process the essential fatty acids that the skin uses for healing. Zinc deficiencies have been linked to a poor immune system.

Zinc Gluconate is a salt of gluconic acid and elemental zinc. As an ionic compound, Zinc Gluconate consists of one atom of zinc for every two molecules of gluconate. Zinc Gluconate is popular because of its high bioavailability and gentleness on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Zinc Gluconate is a popular nutritional raw material used with the amino acid glycine in the manufacture of throat lozenges popularly marketed and consumed as an over-the-counter remedy for the common cold. U.S. Patent 4,684,528 filed by inventor John C. Godfrey claims that Zinc Gluconate in combination with the amino acid Glycine in a ratio of 20 moles Glycine for every atom of Zinc significantly reduces the duration and intensity of the common cold when administered with a throat lozenge. Godfrey claimed that the undesirable tastes and aftertastes of the unformulated zinc compounds were significantly reduced or eliminated when mixed with a sugary base (hard candy) and the sweet amino acid glycine.

Physiologically, zinc is vital for growth and development, sexual maturation and reproduction, dark vision adaptation, olfactory and gustatory activity, insulin storage and release and for a variety of host immune defenses, among other things. Zinc may have immunomodulatory activity. It may also have antioxidant activity. Zinc has putative antiviral, fertility- enhancing and retinoprotective activities. Zinc is essential for proper formation and maturation of spermatozoa. There is some evidence that zinc can promote and accelerate wound healing in some circumstances.

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