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Ocala Nutrition Center

BEAM Vegan Protein

BEAM Vegan Protein

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you won't know it's vegan

BEAM Vegan Protein feeds your body with the best and helps you Be Amazing without sacrifice. With taste and texture as our top priorities, we discovered what makes most Vegan Protein’s taste terrible...and fixed it. BEAM uses natural sources of protein and prebiotic fibers. Change the game with us, and enjoy the cleanest and best tasting vegan protein you’ve ever had.

made from 100% vegan sources

pea, pumpkin seed, and mung bean protein to give you the ultimate amino acid profile for efficient muscle building and recovery

20g of protein

giving the body nourishment from the highest quality protein sources

prebiotic fiber

to help aid in bloating and digestive health

taste and texture

developed with 2 patented ingredients Clean Cream® and Smooth Protein® to deliver truly authentic flavors

sugar content

less than 1g of sugar

trace minerals

achieved by using Aquamin® Marine Multimineral complex which contains 70+ trace minerals that are essential for your body's daily functions

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