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Silver Fern

Digestive Enzymes 90 serv

Digestive Enzymes 90 serv

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Maximum Digestive Comfort and Food Freedom*

Ultimate Digestive Enzymes are 3x stronger than common enzymes and provide 100% intestinal coverage with complete protein digestion.*

Why you need digestive enzymes:

  1. In our late 20’s the number of enzymes we produce starts to drop, and by age 30 we can become quite deficient in digestive enzymes.*
  2. As your enzyme levels drop, digestion is replaced with bloating and discomfort.*
  3. Your body does not naturally produce the enzyme needed to digest plant-based foods.*
  4. Proper digestion of food further breaks down nutrients to be absorbed in the bloodstream and be utilized properly.*

Why Silver Fern Ultimate Digestive Enzyme?

  1. Potency – The effectiveness of a digestive enzyme is measured by its enzyme activity or potency. The higher the potency, the more efficient the enzyme will be at breaking down food for digestion. A large amount of low potency enzymes will never perform as well as a small amount of high potency enzymes. The Silver Fern Ultimate Digestive Enzyme will maximize your digestive comfort because it is one of the highest potency you can find.*
  2. Spectrum – Most enzyme products fail to work through the entire 20-foot length of your intestines because of the wide pH spectrum. Your intestinal pH varies between a massive logarithmic scale of 1.0 to 8.0 through its length, and most enzymes only function within a small pH range. Silver Fern’s plant-based enzyme blend functions in all the pH regions of your small intestines and supports healthy digestion throughout your entire digestive tract.*
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