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Gorilla Mind

Gorilla Mind Smooth

Gorilla Mind Smooth

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• 8+ Hours of Smooth Focus*
• Increased Efficiency*
• No Jitters*

Gorilla Mind Smooth is the best "non-stimulant" productivity supplement for those sensitive to caffeine. Focus without the jitters. Concentration without anxiety. Efficiency without the counter-productive crash. For those averse to caffeinated beverages, or stimulant-based products in general, this will be perfect for you.

Gorilla Mind Smooth is our stimulant-free version of Gorilla Mind, providing a smoother, less extreme level of energy, but still maximizing the intense level of focus and heightened mental clarity that Gorilla Mind is renowned for.

In general, you can expect clear headed mental clarity, as well as improved information retention, mood elevation, creativity, productivity and concentration. Gorilla Mind Smooth is not designed to jack your brain into high gear. Smooth is purely meant to enhance cognitive function and overall mental performance while enhancing your overall well-being. 

Gorilla Mind Smooth can also double as pre-workout to give a big strength boost through the effects of acetylcholine. Recent formulas have worked very well at doing this but with further alterations to the formula there are more cholinergic agents at higher dosages. This increase in choline will help enhance the intracellular communication between the brain and nervous system, which is why it can be a great stack on top of your heavily dosed Gorilla Mode pre-workout for greater strength output. 

What to Expect

User experience will vary and is dose-dependent, but this is what you can expect if you take Gorilla Mind Smooth on an empty stomach (without additional caffeine) –

Within 15 minutes - Ability to focus and concentrate is slightly higher than your baseline. 

Within 1 hour - You will notice that your ability to focus and concentrate is undoubtedly increased beyond your baseline state. 

Productivity, concentration and ability to multitask will peak at high levels and remain for 4 of 5 hours. 

After 90 minutes - Your ability to be productive, concentrate, multitask without being distracted will peak and remain for an additional 4 or 5 hours. Anxiety levels WILL NOT be aggravated and you may notice a slight increase in well-being. Very minor appetite suppression may be noticed, but it will not be significant.

After 6-8 hours - You will slowly return to your baseline cognitive state. Gorilla Mind Smooth will not compromise your sleep cycle (provided that you do not combine it with Gorilla Mode Energy, additional caffeine or stimulants). Gorilla Mind Smooth has ABSOLUTELY NO CRASH.

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