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Loma Hot Gel

Loma Hot Gel

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🔴 All the great fat-burning properties of the HOT GEL CREAM in a convenient solid gel form.

🔴 Easy application in a roll-on stick with no need to wash your hands after smoothing the gel onto your skin.

🔴 LOMA’s special formula ensures never having worry about liquifying or leakage in your gym bag no matter how hot your car gets.

🔴 CELLULITE BURNER GEL - our powerful sculpting sweat gel assists your metabolism, facilitates your slimming process, stimulates faster burning of subcutaneous fat tissue, and visibly reduces cellulite.

🔴 WAISTLINE, STOMACH, UPPER ARM/LEG FAT BURNER - Upon application, the Hot Gel immediately goes to work, penetrating below the skin's surface, causing a thermogenic response which tightens your skin and promotes fat burning.
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