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Organic Gut Solution 30 ct

Organic Gut Solution 30 ct

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Organic Gut Solution is an easy to use powder that revitalizes and detoxifies animals.  This unique natural combination of ingredients, with an organic biocarbon base, delivers a wide range of health benefits.  This formula supports optimal pH in the animal's digestive track, allowing full absorption of nutrients. 

OGS is not a medication.  Rather it is a 100% organic product that binds harmful toxins that have negative impact and excretes them in the animals waste.  

Results have proven to help with diarrhea, poor attitude, skin and coat issues, as well as problems with weight loss or gain.  Formulas are species specific.  

OGS is a great bio-hack to help your body eliminate toxins and promote overall health.   30  Ct. Capsules

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